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DIY Projects Around The House


Ever get the itch to do a DIY pro­ject? When­ever we do, our fa­vorites in­volve get­ting out­doors and mix­ing up our land­scap­ing fea­tures.

Whether it’s as sim­ple as in­stalling some light­ing or a lit­tle more time-con­sum­ing like re-plot­ting plants, a fresh look for the lawn al­ways gives your home a fresh look as well. Here are our top five easy land­scap­ing pro­jects!

Cre­ate a path­way:
To guide you and vis­i­tors through­out your yard and link dif­fer­ent ar­eas to­gether, in­stall a path­way. You can use ma­te­ri­als from a va­ri­ety of ma­te­ri­als, in­clud­ing re­claimed pal­let wood,flag­stones, gravel, and more to add tex­ture and color.

Add a wall or bor­der:

In­stalling a flag­stone, rock, or brick wall around flower beds or trees adds a sleek, clean look to your land­scap­ing and helps sep­a­rate dif­fer­ent sec­tions of your yard.

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In­stall a wa­ter fea­ture:

Noth­ing says zen quite like the sound of trick­ling wa­ter as you re­lax in your back­yard You can start sim­ple with by pur­chas­ing and in­stalling a small fea­ture pow­ered by a so­lar panel or cre­ate a larger fo­cal point in your yard by in­stalling a wa­ter­fall wall or small pond.

Light your way:

An easy way to trans­form your yard is to strate­gi­cally use light­ing. Place cool-col­ored to recre­ate a moon­light feel, use path­way lights to nat­u­rally guide the eye, or high­light ob­jects or plants.

Plant up­wards:

Ex­pand your yard space by draw­ing the eye to the sky with a trel­lis fence or screen made of wood or metal. Once you in­stall your trel­lis, se­lect your climb­ing plants and vines and get to plant­ing!

Ansonia Vinyl Lattice Panel Trellis

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