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Los Angeles Area Home Seller Tips For Getting Your Home Sold For Top Dollar

Wow How Many ViewingsWe don’t know about you guys but let us tell you it’s a bit crazy out there. Let us tell you just how crazy it is. Property comes on market, sign goes up, input in MLS and if we’re lucky, we get to hold an open house.

The other day we had an awesome open house, we had over 150+ viewings, yes you’re seeing the number correctly – over 150 people through one open house. Sometimes it doesn’t even get to an open house – one local agent had to stop showings because they had over 100 showings and several multiple offers – sellers asked them to pull showings. Can you imagine? – a sellers dream and a buyers nightmare.

Today we would like to concentrate on the home seller and how to get the eyeballs on your property: The above scenario is what every seller wants, so let’s talk turkey…

How-To-Get-More-Eye-Balls-On-Your-Property-51b0ccIf you’re a seller and you have a property on market or if you’ve been a seller where a listing has expired – this is for you, from an agent’s point of view. Have you ever wondered why your property isn’t being viewed or why it expired – especially in this market?

We have some tips that may help you get your property sold:

  • Photos – hmmm that one very important aspect of creating demand, giving a visual to a hungry buyer and yet believe it or not there are still many properties in the MLS that have only one photo or photos are too dark or he infamous sideway photo.
    We kid you not, this is no joke, it’s true. We’ve seen toilet photos, tree photos, fence photos, laundry room photos, everything but actual property photos… yep you get the picture… no pun intended. If you want your property sold – professional photos and videos are important period! Oh and by the way, we don’t mean the google map photo of the front of the property either.
  • Accessibility – ok so we’re in a high buyer demand market and what? Agents can’t get in to view the property. No lock box, no access, no call back from the agent – nothing! So we ask you how the heck are we supposed to sell a “secret?” There are many agents and buyers that know exactly what we mean and how we feel. 
  • Condition/Appearance – you’ve decided to sell, sign’s up, brokers are calling, buyers are swarming …. awesome news – yay we see a sale coming…. “NOT.”
    There’s nothing worse than a mood kill when you open the door and see dishes undone, clothes all over the floor, clutter, cat/dog smells and the like… you get the “whiff”… oops, we meant drift. Hey we get it, people need to live in their homes yet a bit of tidiness goes a long way to getting your home sold.
    So make it a weekend to organize, clean, put away and throw away – trust us if you haven’t used it or seen it in months, our guess is you really don’t need it. 
  • Exterior Appearance – first thing anyone sees as they’re driving up to your property, is the curb appeal. If your front yard looks like the amazon jungle of overgrowth, neglected landscaping and you need a machete to get to the front door, chances are that buyer is just going to keep on driving. Make it another weekend project to cut the grass, pull some weeds, throw out all debris and check in to your nearest Lowes or Home Depot and pick up a bit of color and do some simple planting. Doing this is way cheaper then having missed the opportunity of a ready, willing and able buyer or worse getting a low ball offer.
  • Price and Terms – Well you knew this was coming – oooohh no the price talk – yep we’re going there. Yes, the market is smoking hot; yes, buyers are out there in droves and listings are hot but “NO” it doesn’t mean that you price your property $100k+ over market value. The Price still needs to be in line with the market, in doing so you give yourself a better chance of getting the property sold faster and for more money, possibly even multiple offers.
  • Picking Your Agent – There are a lot of good agents out there and there are many not so good agents too, (Just see above examples and you’ll understand) – then there are those that are “really great agents.” Agents that do everything possible to get your property sold, walk you through tall he various aspects that will bring you top dollar; Doesn’t care about double ending the deal because they care more abut having a great rapport with other agents and buyers. Save yourself the headaches of being on market with someone that doesn’t promote “Your Best Interests.”

We want to end our blog today with some photo examples of what you definitely don’t want your property photos to look like. These are examples we made of actual MLS photos. We didn’t want to get in trouble posting the actual MLS photos but we’re sure you’ll get the crystal clear meaning.

                                                                                     Photo: SammieLovatt911 

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